Fred Lee Computer Associates Inc. (FLCA) was started in 1984 by Fred Lee, a professional computer consultant.  Fred's experience and commitment to customer satisfaction has made this company a success.

FLCA is a full service computer consulting firm.  We offer a broad range of technology solutions to effect your bottomline.  Our extensive knowledge of hardware and software products under such operating system platforms as  Windows, UNIX and LINUX can help you with your computer needs.  Database/Software experts in multi-value databases. SQL Server, MS Access, Visual Basic and dbase/Foxpro.

Our 15 years of experience and satisfied customers help assure this.  Whether it is a single PC or hundreds of computers internetworked between several cities, FLCA has can provide quick and effective solutions to put you in contact with the information you need.

Systems Analysis
Systems design, selection and installation
Customized implementation services
Web Site Development/Online databases
Client/Server Migration
Multi-platform processing
Network Management
Comprehensive on-site training
Application Software Support
Disaster Recovery
Internet/Intranet Solutions
Market & Product Research
Healthcare Solutions
Voice and Data Communications